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Detail material test results

You Asked, We Answered

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What tests results demonstrate the benefits of our Masks and PPE?

  • Antimicrobial % reduction (ISO 20743 2013)   >99.0%*

  • Spray rating, i.e. water repellency, is highest available (AATCC 22-2005)    =  90 - 100

  • Air Permeability (CFM, ASTM 0737)  =  105 - 125

  • Oil Repellency (AATCC 118)    = Pass

  • Hydrostatic (MM, AATC 127-2008)   = 170 - 210

  • 70/30 Alcohol / Water (AATCC 118)

*  These test results should not be used to infer any specific health claims when using these masks.  We believe that these features are beneficial when compared to no mask, or to a standard 100% cotton mask, so we wear them ourselves and leave the N95 masks to the front line workers.  

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